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England's Soccer Team Faces New Rules About Tweeting

Soccer players in England will soon be facing new restrictions on Twitter use. The FA is expected to announce a new code of conduct that will include conditions on Twitter use for the England team. Though full details of the new code of conduct have yet to emerge, it's said that comments on match day, or the day before, can only be posted once players have sought approval from management. According to the Belfast Telegraph, players will also be forbidden from criticizing team-mates, team staff, referees or officials whether it's on Twitter or Facebook.

Soccer players' use of Twitter has been under scrutiny as of late. Earlier this month, Chelsea's Ashley Cole got himself into hot water after posting insulting remarks about the Football Association on his Twitter page. However, it's not just social networking that players will have to be mindful of under these new rules. The Belfast Telegraph reports that it also contains certain stipulations about video games and mobile phone use. Apparently, players are allowed to play video games for 'a sensible amount of time' and the use of mobile phones in certain areas, such as the meal-room, dressing room and on the team bus, is "at the discretion of the head coach."

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