VIDEO: Freescale's $200 Chromium Tablet

The Chrome Source reports that, though the demo shows input via a mouse and keyboard, the device is capable of touch as they also showed a tablet running some variation of Linux that had capacitive input.

With an integrated webcam and a $200 price tag, the device is likely to turn a lot of heads; especially when you have the likes of Apple and HP selling similar, higher end devices for three times that. Tentative early adopters could decide to try something like this rather than go right for the expensive option.

  • Tomtompiper
    Great news that it runs native Linux. This will rock when the open source guys get hold of it.
  • Glorian
    Look a USB port!
  • rajangel
    I have to admit, I'd purchase one of these if it came with some sort of package manager like synaptic. As long as it had capabilities to port gnome and kde apps... I'd shell out $200 for it. Even if it only had a 1 ghz processor. Chrome source says it has an ARM processor. I'd assume its close to what the nexus runs.

    Well worth it. Especially with all the nintendo ds ports and ps ports. Heh. I'd kill for one of these with a capable emulator port. HOLY COW.
  • Freescale tablet ($200) vs Ipad (starting at $499) bucks??? And only the first one supports Flash and it is multi-task! Yes, I will buy it!
  • Abrahm
    Hmmm... I like it, but I'd be more willing to buy one if it ran Android on it instead of Chrome.
  • JasonAkkerman
    Sign me up.

    /Sure would like to see the specs on that thing.
  • saaiello
    That looks sweet and linux to boot awesome.
  • schmich
    The interviewer is annoying -.-
  • abowlofsoda
    this is so fail. your better off with an iPad!
  • sliem
    Price is right. Not for people with fat fingers haha unless they have stylus.