GoDaddy Stops Registering Domains in China

The Washington Post reports that GoDaddy today informed lawmakers that it would no longer be registering domain names in China because of new rules that require applicants to submit extensive amounts of personal information.

The company said it believes the new rules, which include the requirement that applicants submit photos of themselves, are a bid to increase the level of surveillance of content on Web sites. According to the Washington Post, GoDaddy believes the rules could put its customers at risk and is wary of the "chilling effect" it could have on new registrations.

The news comes after Google's decision to leave China and on the heels of rumors that Dell is contemplating relocating its Chinese operations 

Read more about GoDaddy's move here.

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  • curnel_D
    China is in the game of pissing everyone off, aren't they?
  • bison88
    Everybody's got balls now that Google stepped into the Political fray. :facepalm:
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  • Shadow703793
    Well good job. Now I wonder if Dell,et al would also move out to India or some where else....
  • curnel_D
    China is in the game of pissing everyone off, aren't they?
  • chickenhoagie
    hell yes. Finally people are fighting against one of the last standing communist giants in this world. Come on China, Communism is caveman government. Govern like you're in the 21st century.