Google's Donating Money for Every Tab You Open

Aren't tabs wonderful? You can open countless web pages without having to close the last and flick between them at will. We could go on about how the advent of tabs in web browsers has changed the way we work/play/surf, but we don't need to. Tabs are just plain useful and everyone kind of knows it.

However, if you want to make your browser work harder than it already does, consider participating in Google's Chrome for a Cause campaign. The program pledges to tally up your tabs at the end of each day and donate money to charity based on how many you opened during the day. Here's how it breaks down:

  • 10 tabs = 1 tree planted
  • 10 tabs = 1 book published and donated
  • 25 tabs = 1 vaccination treatment provided
  • 100 tabs = 1 square foot of shelter built
  • 200 tabs = 1 person's clean water for a year

Google has partnered with five charities for Chrome for Cause. These are The Nature Conservancy, Doctors without Borders, Charity: Water, Room to Read, and Un Techno para mi País. To contribute, all you have to do is download the Chrome for a Cause extension for Chrome and start opening tabs. Google is only running the program from December 15 through to December 19 and it's capped at $1 million so be sure to get moving on this as soon as possible for maximum warm and fuzzy feelings.

Check out Chrome for a Cause here.

  • joelmartinez
    I use Opera...
  • chickenhoagie
    time to bring up my autoclicker..

    heres to all the thirsty humans out there!
  • jerreece
    This is both a marketing campaign for Google, and Chrome, and a means to have thousands of people voluntarily install a plug-in which monitors your activity so Google can analyze all the data. :)

    At least they're going to donate $1 million to some charities.
  • Marco925
    i can so see a 4chan meme coming from this where everyone opens up 100 tabs and cost google alot of money.
  • blakphoenix
    Why such a low cap..? :(
  • enzo matrix
    The more you press ctrl+t, the more google donates. But the count appears to require a 1 full second between each new tab. I guess they want to avoid people pressing and holding ctrl+t
  • jskilnyk
    This is the kind of advertising I support! Open away boys!
  • the_krasno
    blakphoenixWhy such a low cap..?
    Still, when you have 1M you can buy lots of stuff in large quantities for a significantly lower price.

    Meaning is, Google can do more with one mill than you or me could because they are a company and they have permits/credit to purchase HUGE amounts of stuff to give to charity.

    Still, I agree, that cap is low and is going to be maxed in a day. I hope they extend the cap once that happens.
  • shovenose
    i already did the max of 250 tabs. :) ctrl+t lol
  • K-zon
    The one issue with it is the time frame and money amount, if the time frame was longer and maybe more money was into it, could be something to feel warm and fuzzy about longer without other weird stuff, cause i gotta redownload myself.