Google Implements a Calculator in Searches

Google's implemented a 34-button calculator as a part of its search engine functions. Now, if you're sans calculator or just feeling lazy, Googling simple arithmetic problems won't just yield you the answer, but the answer punched into a fully-functioning calculator.

While the calculator isn't fancy enough to replace Wolfram Alpha when doing higher-level mathematics, it's definitely a nifty tool to use. The calculator's also been implemented on Google's mobile search engine, where the calculator is as smooth and easy to use as an installed calculator app on a smartphone.

The calculator seems to be a part of Google's Knowledge Graph initiative, which the company just launched last month to make web searches for users much more in-depth and intuitive.

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  • joebob2000
    Finally, Start > Run > Calc is obsolete! From now on it's Start > Firefox >!
  • atikkur
    you can also start-microsoft excel-type your formula
  • ddpruitt
    Way to do research there.

    Google has had a calculator for years. I know cause I used it many a time. Only difference now is that it has a keypad.