SkyDrive Could be Renamed BingDrive, FetchDrive, and NewDrive Following UK Court Ruling

Microsoft is apparently working out new names for SkyDrive after being ordered to stop using the 'SkyDrive' name by UK courts. WindowsPowerUser reports that BingDrive, FetchDrive, and NewDrive are all in the running. Prominent Windows blogger Paul Thurrott on Friday tweeted that the new name for SkyDrive would be NewDrive, though it's possible this could be a placeholder name until Microsoft decides.

Back in July, UK satellite company BSkyB, more commonly known as Sky, won a trademark infringement suit against Microsoft for the latter's use of the term 'SkyDrive' in Europe. Sky claimed infringement on Microsoft's use of 'SkyDrive' in all forms relating to cloud storage services because of its own cloud storage offering 'Sky Store & Share.' Though Sky Store & Share was wound down in 2011, Sky worried that users would be confused by SkyDrive.

Microsoft was given permission to use the SkyDrive name until it could find and transition to a new name. If there was a deadline, it wasn't published, but it looks like Microsoft is getting closer to making a decision.

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  • InvalidError
    Simple solution: call it "Microsoft Drive" or maybe "Microsoft D:\>"
  • BringMeAnother
    I don't think any of those three names is particularly good. How about xBoxDrive or OneDrive. I'm just goofing.
  • stevejnb
    That really was a stupid ruling..