IBM and the Philipines Battle in Court

According to the Associated Press, the whole thing was kicked off when the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) filed a civil suit against IBM last week. GSIS was demanding over 100 million pesos in damages and legal fees in relation to alleged faulty software.

IBM says it had nothing to do with the dodgy software at all, and claims GSIS acquired it from a local company. Big Blue went on to release a statement clarifying that it was not involved in the design, supply, installation or maintenance of the GSIS systems.

The AP this week reports that IBM Philippines has filed suit against GSIS following an advertising campaign in which the agency claimed IBM  had sold it faulty software. IBM Philippines says the GSIS ads in local newspapers "were not only false and misleading, but were motivated by ill will and malice," and is demanding a little over $4.3 million in damages.

Check out the full story here.

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  • IronRyan21
    Um the Philippines? This seems kind of funny considering I didn't know there was PCs in Manila. j/k.
  • Kary
    IBM sued for 100 million Pesos
    Philippines counter sued for $4.3 million (US?)

    I wonder what the exchange rate is (Peso vs. US$)...or I would if I hadn't seen it in the other article: "The computer firm is demanding 205 million pesos (4.33 million US dollars) in damages and legal expenses."

    You sue us we double dog sue you in return...Muhahhahahahah