UK TV Network ITV Has Warned Apple Against 'iTV' Name

It's not unusual for a hotly anticipated product to be given a name before the company responsible for it has even announced its existence. The Galaxy Nexus is a prime example of this: for months, everyone was certain the flagship Android 4.0 device would be dubbed the Nexus Prime. However, when it launched, it was unveiled as the Galaxy Nexus.

This is a very common occurrence for Apple products in particular, which tend to generate a whirlwind of rumors and gossip in the months leading up to their launch. The rumored Apple television is no exception; everyone is fairly certain Apple will call the HDTV it's apparently working on 'the iTV.' However, there's one small problem with that plan: The iTV moniker belongs to someone else.

British TV network ITV has been around since the 1950s and is the biggest commercial broadcaster in the UK. Rather unsurprisingly, it seems the rumors of Apple's plans for a television set haven't gone unnoticed by the powers that be at ITV. The London Telegraph reports that ITV has written to Apple to warn it off using 'iTV' with Apple-branded smart televisions. In fact, CEO Adam Crozier raised the issue back in 2010, worried that Apple's 'i' trend would be carried through to TVs if and when Cupertino decided to enter that market.

But here's the thing: according to the Telegraph, Crozier was assured that Apple "would not muscle into its territory" at least as far as the UK market is concerned.

The worry now is that with a new CEO in power, Apple will go back on its word. If Apple does decide to go with the iTV name, it will likely cause problems in the UK. There's always the chance that Apple will call it iTV everywhere but the UK marker, but that seems unlikely to us. So, what will Apple's new TV be called? Submit your guess in the comments below!

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  • JamesSneed
  • drwho1
    There Apple, send me the check now.
  • quorthon1204
  • g00fysmiley
  • digitalzom-b
    drwho1iHDTVThere Apple, send me the check now.
    Blast! Beat me to it :(

  • The should keep quiet and then sue if Apple infringes.
  • iMedia
  • tsnorquist
    It'll probably be something along the lines of:

    - iNtertainment
    - iVision
    - iTele
    - iTheater
    - iBroadcast
    - iMwayOverPricedforaTV
  • silentbobdc
    How about the i'Madouche or i"matard . You'd have to be to pay 3-4x what a 42" tv is worth just to get a crApple logo on it.
  • leafman420
    Who cares. Still not going to buy an Apple.