TiVo Launching OnePass Next Month, Adding iHeartRadio

At CES 2015, TiVo introduced a new service called OnePass. The company also announced a deal with iHeartRadio and revealed its CES product lineup.

Slated to be released in February, OnePass essentially seeks out and gathers shows from a number of offline and online subscription services and organizes them in the "My Shows" folder. The content is pieced together in separate folders, which can be organized by "season" or "newest" categories. Thus, instead of manually searching for episodes of their favorite show across various services, users can kick back and watch an entire season that may be strung across cable, Hulu Plus, Netflix and so on.

According to TiVo, users can stream and/or record all content. They can also choose to record/stream an entire season or just the latest episodes. If OnePass does not find a specific season or episode on cable, the service will then automatically dig through the customer's streaming subscriptions for the missing content. The service will even remember the last recorded show the viewer watched and automatically schedule the next episode.

In addition to OnePass, TiVo also announced a deal with iHeartRadio that will bring the music service to the TiVo Roamio, TiVo Mini and TiVo Premiere. Rolling out within the next several weeks, this puts more than 20 million songs and 2,000 radio stations at the fingertips of TiVo customers. Users can even create their own commercial-free stations.

"We are thrilled to bring iHeartRadio to our users. It's our goal to offer a variety of quality video and music apps on our platform and iHeartRadio offers something extremely unique between providing access to live radio stations from across the country to the ability to create stations based on your favorite artists and songs." — Evan Young, General Manager, Content & Applications, TiVo

Finally, during the show, TiVo will be showcasing TiVo Mega, which boasts 24TB of internal storage. And for the cord cutters, the company will also showcase the $49.99 Roamio OTA, a DVR that will pull in over-the-air digital TV signals. With this device, customers can record four shows at the same time (for up to 75 hours of HD programming).

In addition to those products, TiVo is also showing its nDVR solution, 4K-capable platforms and an overhauled Android application that's scheduled to launch in March (one for iOS will arrive in the coming months).

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