LoveFilm Isn't Accepting New Customers for Games Rentals

LoveFilm is mostly known as an on demand TV and movie streaming service. It might even surprise some to learn that LoveFilm is also in the business of DVD and game rentals. Unfortunately, the company won't be doing the latter for much longer. Amazon-owned LoveFilm announced that it would not be offering games rental to new customers or existing customers looking to change their packages.

Rumors regarding the decision started doing the rounds when Eurogamer reported that the company was dropping games to focus on TV and movies. LoveFilm then confirmed the news via its own website, apologising to users that may have heard the news through the grapevine rather than through LoveFilm itself.

"We can confirm that Games rental is no longer available as an option for new customers signing up to LoveFilm. Nor is it available as an option for existing customers who are looking to change their package," the company said in a note to customers.

For now, it sounds like existing customers with games packages are okay, but LoveFilm did say it would be contacting customers 'in the very near future' to confirm its games policy going forward. Eurogamer originally reported that LoveFilm would end its game rental service for existing customers as well as new customers before August 8. Though LoveFilm's announcement mentions no date (and existing games rental users are not effected), it does seem as though LoveFilm is preparing to do away with game rentals for good.

  • kinggraves
    You're going to see a lot of this with the publishers wanting so badly to eliminate used/rental games. With rentals gone, it's much easier to force sales onto unsure customers and encourage preordering. The Xbone fiasco only showed them they need to rethink their approach since they don't know how to make games people just want to buy anymore.