Motorola May Be Manufacturing Google's Smartwatch

To date there have been at least two patents filed by Google regarding smartwatch designs, so there's no question that something is in the works, even if it's only on paper. However sources claim that an actual physical product is making rounds internally, showing up in at least three different Google offices: Berlin, Manchester and Mountain View.

According to unnamed sources, rumors of a Google smartwatch began to appear after the device made an appearance in "rough form" at the Berlin and Manchester offices. The device then showed its face again just recently at the Mountain View campus. It's expected to be released "sometime soon".

The most recent patent is presumed to be an alternative to Google Glass for those who would rather not have information dumped into their field of view. One source confirms that theory, stating that "functionality will be very much like Glass" although presumably without the camera. As seen in the recent patent, the interface will rely on Google Now-type cards – swipes to the left will tell the user what is coming up. Information will be pulled from a tethered smartphone.

The source also states that Motorola will manufacture the smartwatch. Android Authority points out that Motorola has already started this journey with the MOTOACTV (opens in new tab), a wearable gadget tailored to fitness training. It sports a TI OMAP3630 SoC clocked at 600 MHz, 256 MB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, Wireless N and Bluetooth 4 connectivity, and a 1.6-inch capacitive multitouch LDC display (220 x 176).

"[The MOTOACTV Android app from Google Play] allows your Android smartphone to communicate with you through your MOTOACTV device and headphones," Motorola states. "When your phone is within Bluetooth range, you can answer calls and receive text messages. Just as cool, the app syncs up with your data so you can analyze your info and manage your fitness plan on your phone and on the run."

With experience already under its belt, it makes sense that Motorola would be the OEM of choice for Google's smartwatch. The MOTOACTIV sells for around $260 USD on Amazon and includes the device, a sports wrist strap, a wall charger, stereo heaphones with a mic, a belt clip and a USB cable. The OS of choice is likely Android.

  • WithoutWeakness
    Google seems to be putting a lot of development and marketing into their Google Glass. It's hard to imagine that they would also be toying around with the idea of smart watches when their plans for Glass seem to cover everything a watch could do. The only thing I can think of is that if they plan on selling Glass at a high premium then the smart watch could be sold at a much lower cost to capture a separate market. Dev units for Google Glass sold for $1500 and it wouldn't be unreasonable for retail units to sell for $500+. A smart watch could easily capture the $100-500 market depending on features and integration with other Android devices.
  • g00fysmiley
    hopefully one thing motorolla learned with the motoactive is at $300 you are not going to haev many buyers. on paper it was much better than a sony smartwatch.. but at $95 the smartwatch by sony won by virtue of not being as good the motoactiv was not 3x better