OSX Mountain Lion Coming Next Month for $20

Today's big reveal at WWDC in San Francisco was definitely the unveiling of the Retina Display MacBook Pro. However, Apple also talked about OS X Mountain Lion, the next iteration of OS X.


Apple today confirmed that Mountain Lion will be arriving at the Mac App Store next month and will be priced at $20. The OS update will include the Messages app; Notification Center; system-wide sharing, which will allow you to share photos, videos and other files over third party services at the click of a button without switching apps; Dictation; Power Nap, which keeps your computer up to date while sleeping with auto refreshes of Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Documents in the cloud; AirPlay Mirroring; Game Center; and Gatekeeper, a security setting that allows you to set your computer so that it will only accept software downloaded from the Mac App Store, or from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

"The pace of innovation on the Mac is amazing, OS X Mountain Lion comes just a year after the incredibly successful launch of Lion," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "With iCloud built right in and the new Notification Center, Messages, Dictation, Facebook integration and more, this is the best OS X yet." 

Apple is also promising built-in support for Facebook in a later update to OS X Mountain Lion. This will allow you to post photos, links, and comments with locations right from your apps. Facebook notifications will work with Notification Center and you'll also be able to update your status right from Notification Center.

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  • bustapr
    does the OS have any sort of upgrade other than the load of shovelware mentioned in the article? all of the apps in the article really should be free, i dont see any point of paying $20 if theres no noticable improvement over the other OS.
  • porterohana
    I'm really hoping Mountain Lion fixes the WiFi issues that Lion created. I know that a lot of people were PO'ed about that and a fix never really came.
  • dalethepcman
    Apple has finally found a way to charge users for a service pack
  • eddieroolz
    The naming scheme is getting quite old.
  • antilycus
    I remember when I dropped 5k on a Apple Mac (Dual Chip 1.0 Ghz PowerMac G4) and 3 weeks later they released the G5. Then after saving up all my money to finally get the quad core G5 (liquid cooled) they released the Intel Mac (within the year) throwing another 3k out the window.

    Now I am smart and understand that Apple is where Apple is because people like choice. Apple doesn't provide much of anything other than a pretty user interface and satisfaction for people to think they used the hard earned parents cash, intelligently(which they didnt).

    Now I am on Linux (Debian - Testing), have ditched all my Windows Machines and Keep my MAC around should there be some broken app that I need to work with. Since Apple has screwed most of it's customer base and replaced them with teenagers and early tweenty-ers, eventually Apple is going to run out of people to screw.

    Look at the iPhone. Drop it once and you are out 600-800 dollars, no matter what, not to mention it's 80 USD a month. No thank you. Linux (which Android runs on top of) is by far becoming one of the most widely used Operating Systems on the planet (mainframes excluded).

    Apple addicts (because they are blinded to the fact that their overpriced product isn't worth the money. Virus' come from people that typically don't know any better when it comes to computers...it will happen to MAC OS X soon, just watch) look at an article listed above and think "wow this is great. These updates are worth 20 dollars easily". When the rational, smart, conscience reader says "wow those updates really aren't much...they expect people to pay for that?".

    Millions, yes Millions of people are about to be screwed when Apple finally screws over their loyal fans by cutting out .Mac for iCloud. Apple is quickly becoming a phone company and less a computer operating system company. They are light years behind the competition on security, admistration and program development to Linux, Unix, AS/400, Microsoft Windows. Do you think Apple runs it corporate headquarters on Apple Macintosh machines? Nope. How about Microsoft? Nope...
  • leongrado
    I have a Windows gaming system and a Macbook machine (Macbook air). They're both good in their own way. Windows allows much more compatibility and ease of manipulation of files and also a lot cheaper for their performance. Macs on the other hand are extremely easy to use, "feels" great, and much more reliable especially as the years go by when a Windows machine would start to slow down. I can see the arguments that Windows users make against Macs but the truth is, anyone who thinks Macs suck and vice versa are biased fools. For the casual user who simply surf the web and work with word documents (you know the people who will never go on Tom's Hardware or any technology site) Macs are more than enough. Having a gaming PC won't benefit them at all. As for price, yes Macs probably are overpriced but you're buying the Brand name. I don't hear many girls complaining about Louis Vuitton bags (girls who can actually afford them at is).
  • nforce4max
    Apple would be making more money if it were not so locked down and more open. If they would allow it to be used on normal PCs without the silly bios that Apple uses it would be more than just 10% of the market even with all the flaws and nearly total lack of security. Sure $20 for a legit os license and some quick hacks it will run on a typical pc but most these days barely even know how to use windows let alone command line linux. Most programers it seams don't even know their own gear or how to build their own workstations.
  • dudewitbow
    sceen311You can buy a full fledge Mac OS for $30 right moew! no previous software required. I'm assuming the same will be true for Mountain Lion except it will only cost $20's. So not really an update if it doesn't require already owning other software!Also, I'm sorry Microsoft can't develop an decent enough OS that they don't need to try and revamp the whole thing every few years!
    the reason why a base windows cost cost more, is because of compatibility and services. on an osx based computer, it requires a specifically built computer. Apple current gen computers do not support AMD processors, and its motherboards are limited to a specific build. Apple does not have to worry about having to go through several 3rd party companies because its design only to be a casual consumer based product. Apple doesn't plan to make any Computer Aided Design programs, which forces engineers to use windows, which allows windows to pump the price high. Windows can because it supports more stuff than apple can. Using an OSX based build, software issues almost never arise because your choice in parts are severely limited. As for windows, it is still good, hence why it has the most consumer share in the market. Microsoft is just experimenting with new ways for the OS to run, which created Windows 8, an entirely new operating system. Its not a requirement to go to windows 8 as a windows user, as windows 7 will likely still be updated with security updates and possibly a service pack.
  • boogalooelectric
    sundragonOEM copy of Windows include no direct support from Microsoft, aside from service packs and updates - which OS and Linux do as well. You are supposed to pay for retail copies per the MS scheme. Lastly, When you purchase Mountain Lion, it allows you to call in for help. Try that with Microsoft's OEM copy...

    I do not need to call in to MS for help because I am not an Apple fanboy therefore I actually understand how my PC works.
  • tomfreak
    Mac computer spec pricing + Mac OS price = PC computer spec price + windows OS price

    Until this equation is equalize I wont be jumping mac at all. Those claiming $20 Mac OS is cheaper have seems to forgot how much more they are paying for the hardware to apple.