Nintendo's 3DS XL Launches in North America

Back in mid-June, Nintendo announced plans to launch a larger version of its 3D handheld gaming console, the 3DS. Dubbed 3DS XL, Nintendo named a $200 price tag and an August 19 release date for gamers in North America, and a July 28 release date for shoppers in Japan and Europe. The device launched as planned on July 28 overseas and arrived in North America on Sunday.


The larger iteration of the Nintendo 3DS went on sale right on schedule this past weekend and is priced at $200. This is compared to the official $179 retail price for the original 3DS console. And yes, the NA version will come bundled with a power adapter (customers in the UK had to buy it separately).

The Nintendo 3DS XL features a top display that measures in at 4.88 inches and a bottom display that measures 4.18 inches (the original 3DS features a 3.53-inch top display and a 3.02-inch bottom display). Aside from bringing a larger display, the 3DS XL also features a bump in storage, with the XL boasting 4GB as opposed to the 2GB gamers got with the regular-sized 3DS.

The new console is available in our territory in red and blue.

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  • jossrik
    The sad thing is, I want this, I liked Kingdom Hearts, and it seems the only way I'll get to play anything but 1 & 2 is to buy some new console/handhelds
  • SteelCity1981
    good now drop the nintendo 3ds down to 100 bucks and i'll thin about geting one.
  • spookyman
    Hmm maybe the Grand daughter will get one for Xmas ;)