A Nintendo 64 Modded Into An HTPC

Typically this would be set aside for another PC case mod story, however modder polvorito's HTCP crammed into a Nintendo 64 chassis just couldn't wait.

After purchasing the classic console at a flea market, polvorito ripped out Nintendo's hardware and replaced its innards with Zotac's IONITX-A-E motherboard. While the board isn't listed on Zotac, it features a mini-ITX form factor, Intel's dual-core Atom 330 1.6 GHz processor, Nvidia Ion graphics, two slots for DDR2 667/800 RAM (4 GB max), Realtek ALC662 integrated audio, ten USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, and more.

"This zotac mobo has almost everything needed (sound, graphics, CPU, connectivity HDMI, Wifi N, optical out etc ), has a CPU that can work without [a] fan, has external power unit and fits nice inside a N64," polvorito said in a forum post.

For memory he inserted 2 sticks of 1 GB RAM and added a 30 GB SSD to the console's top. The controller ports had to be cut down to allow space for the motherboard, and the back of the console's chassis was modified to accommodate the IONITX's various ports. Unfortunately, the modified PC couldn't run fanless after all.

"With the N64 case closed, the processor reached 90-degrees Celsius," he said. "I tried the fan delivered with the motherboard (diameter of 60-mm, thickness of 10-mm), and it didn't fit so I cut 10-mm off the heatsink. Later I [inserted] a fan 10-mm thick [and] 70-mm [in]diameter at a slower speed. Conclusion--the temperature dropped to 40-degrees Celsius in normal usage."

According to the modder, the overall objective was to make a living room PC for watching media and surfing on the Internet. To see how this N64-themed PC was created, head here.

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  • kermee
    kermeeHuh?http://zotac.com/index.php?option= 26&lang=en
    Might help if I use the correct URL:

  • hokkdawg
  • eddieroolz
    Awesome. These case mods stretch the borders of imagination. Kudos to the modder!
  • tu_illegalamigo
    Pretty cool. I`ve still got two and a carrying case. One is broken...hmm.
  • K3vBot6000
    But can you play Mario Kart on it?
  • borisof007
    Pretty sweet mod!
  • skine
    There are a lot of interesting mini-itx projects.

    For example, someone crammed a computer into a Windows XP box.

    There are more links on the right, including a Sega Genesis console for those who liked to do what Nintendidn't.
  • chickenhoagie
    K3vBot6000But can you play Mario Kart on it?N64 emulator :)

    if only he could get an N64 USB controller..it would literally be a PC and a true N64
  • eklipz330
    that is. bad. ass.

    oh man i need one.