Nokia Launches Lumia 510 For Emerging Markets

Nokia has released a Lumia 510 smartphone for emerging markets, with the handset dubbed the "most affordable" Lumia device so far. The Nokia Lumia 510 will cost around $199 and will be available in India, China, South America and Asia.

The device packs a 4-inch display with a 800x480 resolution and weighs in at just 129 grams. The Lumia 510 is powered by a Snapdragon S1 processor, accompanied by 256MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage.

In addition, the handset boasts a 5-megapixel autofocus camera, GPRS/EDGE connectivity predominately designed for developing cellular networks, as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. The 510 also runs on the legacy Windows Phone 7.5 platform, while the battery life is said to be between 27 and 30 days on standby.

The phone will be available in red, yellow, cyan, white and black, with a release scheduled in the aforementioned markets sometime during November.

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  • Cryio
    This would be a perfect replacement phone for me. Using an Nokia Express Music 5310. It's already decomposing.
  • trumpeter1994
    Looks like my Lumia 710 has a baby brother now.
  • madooo12
    trumpeter1994Looks like my Lumia 710 has a baby brother's actually larger
  • madooo12
    The 510 also runs on the legacy Windows Phone 7.5 platform
    MS has nothing newer (it;s the newest WP MS has), so how it this legacy if it will be updated to 7.8
    , while the battery life is said to be between 27 and 30 days on standby.
    super impressive
  • CaedenV
    for $200?? Why do they think this would do well only in 'emerging markets'? This would sell like wild-fire here in the states. I work with low income people and THEY ALL HAVE SMARTPHONES!!! Granted, they are truly awful phones, often refurbished with some odd problems, but there is a huge market for a solid entry lever smart phone that is capable of email, web browsing, and the occasional app. Personally I would like to have a windows phone with enough space to store my music and documents on it, and have a good enough camera to replace a point-and-shoot, but SOMEBODY decided to not put an SD card slot on their upcoming phone with the nice camera... grr.
  • murzar
    The specifications are anything but impressive. I am from India. At that price.. one can get a decent spec Android. But I am not sure of how the apps would run on this. Will wait for reviews.

    Price it at around 150 USD and Nokia is looking to dominate the market with just this phone. (Nokia were huge in India at one point of time)
  • razor512
    ripoff, crappy specs for $200. That phone could not have cost more than $50 to make, especially since there are many chinese phones with better specs for about half the price.

    If they want to capture markets like india, then don't charge a months salary for a phone
  • ojas
    Humble request to uninformed writers.

    India and China are the largest phone markets in the world. Your headline doesn't make sense and shows ignorance. If you write "emerging smartphone market" that's still valid. "Emerging market" is BS.

    trumpeter1994Looks like my Lumia 710 has a baby brother now.Second baby brother (or sister). There's the 610 as well.