Nvidia Launches Site for Intel-Nvidia Battle

Friday Nvidia's official blog (opens in new tab) was updated with an announcement that the company launched a new portal. Rather than sporting a smoking-hot new product, the web page displays information related to the anti-trust litigation brought against Intel. Called "The Case For Innovation," Nvidia is showing no mercy for the rival company, throwing in links and articles to clarify the overall picture.

"The site is a one-stop resource for those looking to get up to speed on actions being brought against Intel (opens in new tab)for impeding competition, stifling innovation and for not living up to its agreements which were filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the New York Attorney General, as well as Nvidia itself. The site (opens in new tab) also provides background about cases brought by the European Commission, Japan and Korea," the blog reads.

The site offers various resources including an article that explains the difference between GPUs and CPUs (for the not-so-tech-savvy obviously), a "stack of evidence" that's piling up against Intel, and a sub-portal leading curious readers to other articles from the likes of Fortune, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, and more. Nvidia's new portal also links to the latest news on the subject, with the current headline leading consumers to a Fortune video interview with Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

For inquiring surfers on the go, Nvidia has also released four podcasts on iTunes (opens in new tab) relating to the issue. They are Intel vs. Nvidia (Nvidia Counter-suit), State of New York vs. Intel, U.S. Federal Trade Commission vs. Intel, and European Commission vs. Intel.

  • -Alessandro-
    Good information! Nice to know Nvidia if fighting for a better future!
  • cryogenic
    -Alessandro-Good information! Nice to know Nvidia if fighting for a better future!Their own future, I presume ...
  • CryogenicTheir own future, I presume ...Because companies should fight for the future of other companies?
  • JD13
    I guess that if Intel paid off AMD to go away & now Nvidia wants their cut as well... Maybe small retailers could use this tactic against Walmart?
  • JohnnyLucky
    Hmmm....looks like they are trying to load up on negative publicity about Intel. I wonder what the logic behind the action was since the other negative publicity was already published and distributed.
  • ravewulf
    andboomerBecause companies should fight for the future of other companies?Not just any other companies at that, but their competitors.
  • buddhist2k
    Is Nvidia going to throw support behind AMD? If so...that is a stupid thing to do since AMD owns Nvidia's GPU rival. The modern america = punishing successful companies. I just read over nvidia's STACK OF EVIDENCE site... I dont see how this warrants an antri-trust suit. There are other competitors in that same market. Note To Self: Don't become too successful or Risk putting a target on your back.
  • bison88
    Awesome gives me the opportunity to follow this wherever it may lead in the years to come. I would love to see a true "third" competitor in the x86 business as I am sure many others would. Preferably not a "low-end" maker like Via turned out to be but someone with the funds, technology and drive to take on the two big guys. Intel's dominance is starting to show and being a lackey for there products that I am it's not doing consumers any good. Although economic situations can't be helping any of us right now.
  • joejamesatou
    I wonder if Nvidia warns you not to install their latest driver on this site as well.
  • icemunk
    Good media coverage, bad media coverage, Nvidia just loves any articles about them, who cares about good drivers or advanced graphics cards, just gimme press coverage!