Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Found in Retailer Listing

Following Samsung's hint at the Galaxy S3 Mini by inviting German media to an event that boasts a device that is big and small, evidence for the handset has started to mount with the revised smartphone appearing in a retail listing.

The listing appeared on a Nordic retailer, who has seemingly confirmed the “Galaxy S III Mini.” While specific specifications of the device weren't unveiled, a database screenshot suggests the S3 Mini will be available in both blue and white.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 Mini will also ship with or without an NFC chip for $540 and $560, respectively, the database revealed.

The firm is planning an announcement pertaining to a "little sensation" for this Thursday.


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  • sesante2000
    100 bucks says it has a 4.3" screen.
  • hate machine
    sesante2000100 bucks says it has a 4.3" screen.

    I thought a 4 inch screen with 480x800 resolution was confirmed? I was reading but do not have the source available.
  • obsama1
    They better not make it 480x800. Stick with 720p.