Samsung's 85-inch 4K TV to Cost €40,000

Samsung's booth at CES this year was TV heaven. One of the glorious TVs on display was an 85-inch UHD 4K unit dubbed the S9. Of course, we fell in love, knowing full well that we probably didn't want to know the price of this easel-style TV. Still, these things have a way of coming out, even when you don't want them to.


The Telegraph last week reported that the S9 will come to Europe this coming spring with a €40,000 price tag. Though the newspaper didn't report on a UK-specific price, it translates to just shy of £35,000 by today's rates.

If an 85-inch TV still seems a bit on the dinky side to you, you'll be pleased to know Samsung is also planning a 110-inch version of the S9 for launch later this year. We don't dare hazard a guess as to the price of that particular gadget.

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  • cozmosis
    I'm pretty in to my home cinema - I have a whole room built around it. But the thing is, those who get serious enough with it to spend that sort of money, don't buy a TV, they buy projectors. This is a pointless market segment at that price bracket.
  • cats_Paw
    Well said, Untill the rpice drops and becomes "mainstream" (assuming it ever does), this is basicly a marketing stunt.
  • xerxces
    It no different than when LCDs first came out. They were ungodly expensive. It will be another 5 yeas at the least before 4K even becomes a household possibility.