Sony SmartWatch 2 Dated for Week of September 9

Retailer Clove UK said in a posting on its online store that the release date of Sony's SmartWatch 2 will be the week of September 9. The UK retailer posted the new, updated September date on Monday after realizing its own product page revealed an incorrect July 15 release, blaming Sony's distribution arm for relaying the wrong release schedule.

But Sony clearly stated a worldwide release in September in its press release at the end of June. The company said it would be the world's first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connectivity. It will be a second screen for a user's Android smartphone, the company said, serving as an all-in-one multi-functional watch, notifier, Android app interface and phone remote control.

"It’s easy and convenient to access notifications from your wrist such as messages, calls, email, Facebook/Twitter, Calendar, or use it as a remote for your Walkman or other digital media player," the company said. "This wireless accessory is ideal for pairing with large-screen devices, such as the newly announced Xperia Z Ultra, in situations which call for discrete usage."

The SmartWatch 2 will feature an aluminum body, a stainless steel wristband, and a standard micro USB port for charging. It's expected to work on most Android smartphones, and feature a user interface similar to Android, making it more intuitive. The updated watch will even have a better screen resolution too, 220 x 176 pixels on a 1.6 inch screen, offering better visibility even in sunlight.

When it hits stores in September, Sony's SmartWatch will compete solely with the $149.99 Kickstarter-backed Pebble smartwatch. While not as attractive as Sony's solution, the device will supposedly work on most Android 2.3 "Froyo" devices and above, and Apple's iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and iPod Touch via a Bluetooth connection. And unlike Sony's solution, Pebble will use an e-paper display that ensures a clear view even when outdoors.

"Pebble can change instantly, thanks to its brilliant, outdoor-readable electronic-paper (e-paper) display. We've designed tons of watchfaces already, with more coming every day," reads the Kickstarter description. "Choose your favourite watchfaces using Pebble's iPhone or Android app. Then as the day progresses, effortlessly switch to the one that matches your mood, activity or outfit."

Best Buy's product page for Pebble lists the smartwatch as "coming soon" as thus far supplies have been limited. The electronics retailer is still carrying the first-generation Sony SmartWatch for $89.99, and so far there's no listing for the newer model. It should pop up as we get closer to the second week in September.

  • robochump
    As long as all these smart watches look like old gen iPod Nanos on a wrist band then Apple has nothing to worry about.
  • dextermat
    I wonder what happens if the screen touch a ceramic counter, would it scratch or break.

    They need to find a way to build so it doesn't stick out as much. Way to easy to break
  • icemunk
    I just don't see these taking off.. sorry.
  • anything4this
    useful in the sun...
  • _Brute_Force_
    "the device will supposedly work on most Android 2.3 "Froyo" devices"?

    "Froyo" is 2.2, which makes this sentence incredibly misleading, please correct the version or the codename.