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iPhone 5 Was Last Apple Phone to Receive Steve Jobs' Input

The last Apple device that received input from Steve Jobs was apparently the iPhone 5.

According to a profile article on current Apple CEO Tim Cook over at Businessweek, Jobs' last project was the recently released iPhone 5, which he worked on while the rest of the firm focused on the smartphone's predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

The website cites sources "familiar with the phone’s development" who claimed the last iDevice to receive detailed input from Jobs was the iPhone 5. Further unnamed sources suggests that Apple has yet to launch a product that Jobs "didn't personally bless".

Of course, this adds an extra amount of interest into what the firm launches next, which looks like it's going to most certainly be the iPad mini.

Jobs had stressed that the employee who holds the most power and influence "besides himself" is lead designer Jony Ive. One wouldn't be wrong in believing that if they do keep Ive on board, the traditions - at least for design - Jobs cemented at Apple won't be lost anytime soon.

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