iPhone 5 Was Last Apple Phone to Receive Steve Jobs' Input

The last Apple device that received input from Steve Jobs was apparently the iPhone 5.

According to a profile article on current Apple CEO Tim Cook over at Businessweek, Jobs' last project was the recently released iPhone 5, which he worked on while the rest of the firm focused on the smartphone's predecessor, the iPhone 4S.

The website cites sources "familiar with the phone’s development" who claimed the last iDevice to receive detailed input from Jobs was the iPhone 5. Further unnamed sources suggests that Apple has yet to launch a product that Jobs "didn't personally bless".

Of course, this adds an extra amount of interest into what the firm launches next, which looks like it's going to most certainly be the iPad mini.

Jobs had stressed that the employee who holds the most power and influence "besides himself" is lead designer Jony Ive. One wouldn't be wrong in believing that if they do keep Ive on board, the traditions - at least for design - Jobs cemented at Apple won't be lost anytime soon.

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  • maxiim
    How about some news that actually matters?
  • mrmaia
    The 2nd most influent guy at Apple was the DESIGNER. Goes to show what the Apple stuff is all about.
  • hokkdawg
    @maxiim - This does matter! Because it fuels the speculation that Apple will start falling by the wayside now that Steve Jobs is gone. Think how much money you could make with a short position on Apple trading at current $665/share. It took only 5 years for Apple to go from $100/share to $700/share, and in 5 years it's entirely possible for it to crash as their current leadership screws up.
  • ronch79
    My concern is that they'll just keep giving consumers more of the same thing iPhone after iPhone, and maybe a new feature or two tacked on.
  • mdahouse
    Another day and another article about Apple.

  • SoiledBottom

    Hell announced entry into the smart phone market today with the iHell 1.......Satan says he is partnering up with good friend and new arrival Steve Jobbs to fight fire with fire as they take on smart phone giant Apple.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    ronch79My concern is that they'll just keep giving consumers more of the same thing iPhone after iPhone, and maybe a new feature or two tacked on.Isn't that what nearly every company does?

    For example... the Madden video game series is essentially the exact same game with one or two new features and updated rosters. Yet I know several people who are willing to shell out $60 every time a new one comes out. Automobile companies come out with new models nearly every year, and they typically have very few changes from year to year. I mean, a company sells you a product and then they have to find some way continue to sell you the product.

    The magic of Jobs and the marketing team at Apple was that they actually could get people to buy the same product every year. Thats like the holy grail in the electronics industry.
  • greghome
    maxiimHow about some news that actually matters?
    You should welcome Tom's new "journalist" Zak Islam..........
    all he has posted is Apple stuff....and not informative Apple stuff....

    He's the one that wrote the article about "Steve Job was the first to think of a Tablet PC" article?"

    PS: @Zak, I promise this is the last time, I'm gonna take a shot at you if your next article is something useful :P
  • gladiatorza
    At least SJ wont be remembered for messing up the iPhone 5 so badly
  • leeashton
    who fucken cares?