Report: Production of iPad Mini Starts in Asia

Today brings rumors of not one but two mini products. Earlier today we got wind of a potential Galaxy S III Mini. Accompanying the GSIII Mini is yet more rumors of an iPad Mini. While the tech world is still analyzing the finer details of the iPhone 5, talk of a smaller tablet from Apple continues.

The Wall Street Journal reports that production of the long-rumored iPad Mini has actually begun. The newspaper cites executives at component makers as saying Asian suppliers for Apple have started mass production of a new tablet that's smaller than the current iPad. Matching up with previously reported rumors, the WSJ says that the tablet will boast a 7.85-inch LCD with a lower resolution than the latest iPad and is part of Apple's effort to better compete with Amazon and Google in the tablet arena.

Additional iPad Mini rumors have the device's unveiling scheduled for next month, which would mean the device would arrive in time for the busy holiday shopping season. No word on pricing but the fact that the panel is smaller and of a lower resolution lends weight to the theory that this device will be cheaper than the current iPad.

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  • TheBigTroll
    Well see more news from foxconn later
  • nieur
    anything on approximate price?
  • mikenygmail
    $300-$350. Too expensive.
  • mikenygmail
    Samsung’s new tablet "P10" looks interesting. It has an 11.8 inch display with 2560x1600 resolution.
  • Gundam288
    This new "iPad" isn't going to save Apple given what we've seen from the iPhone5 in terms of build quality and iOS6. And something tells me they are still going to overcharge just because it's an Apple product.

    Just my 2 cents on it.
  • teddymines
    Asia is a huge continent. What country will it be produced in? India? Afghanistan? Russia? Israel? Japan? China?
  • madjimms
    The ONE good thing about Apple putting out tablets is that other manufacturers compete & then you get to buy very inexpensive Google & ASUS tablets. HOORAY FOR OVERPRICED TABLETS!
  • belardo
    How do you figure they are overpriced? How much is your CELL-PHONE off contract?

    Miniaturization costs money. What is an "ultrabook"? Its a really thin notebook that costs a shitload of money. The $1000 ACER Ultrabook is no better than their typical $400 model, other than its half as thick and half the weight.

    In the real world, the best sellers for Windows Notebooks are in the $350~450 price-range, doesn't matter the brand. Only the Apple brand is able to sell a $1000 bottom end model. Have you ever priced a notebook battery? They are all about $100 to replace.

    A 10~11" tablet going for $400 is a fair price. You have a large battery, a display, memory, a CPU, Wifi radio, etc... and they need to make a profit.

    Why do you think its also laughable that anyone thinks the PC market is going to go ape-shit over the $1000~1400 x86 Win8 tablets?
  • You will know if the rumours are true because some Foxconn workers would have jumped. I sh*t you not! It will happen. Or a riot or something...
  • ojas
    Production of iPad Mini Starts in Asia