VIDEO: Flash Running on Tegra 2 Android Tablet

At the Web 2.0 conference, Adobe is cheering for Android with demonstrations on Android devices, free Android phones for its employees and now, a demonstration of Flash running on an Android tablet powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2.

Zedomax reports seeing a range of devices running Flash at the Adobe booth at Web 2.0 but among them was a tablet running Android 2.1.

Zedomax:"It runs Adobe’s Flash and Air apps flawlessly. That was the first time I saw Adobe’s Air apps running on a tablet and totally impressed by how it ran. And now I can understand why Apple wants to ban Flash and other Adobe products completely from their iPhones and iPads, because it’s rather incredible technology. The prototype that was demo-ed at the Web 2.0 Expo show was showing the current workings of the Wired magazine’s Google Tablet app. Certainly, it looks like Google Android tablet will make a big impact on worldwide tablet sales."

Confirmation of the Tegra 2's presence inside the tablet shown in the video below comes via Engadget:

"It is indeed Tegra 2. We worked closely with Adobe to show how next-gen Tegra can bring the complete web to tablets at Web 2.0," Nvidia said in an emailed comment."You can expect to start seeing Tegra 2 devices appearing this summer, with plenty on the way in the third and fourth quarters of the year."

Check out the video below!

  • Glorian
    I like it, i also like that it uses the tegra as well.
  • nforce4max
    Awesome I want one. :)
  • Means nothing until we hear how it affects battery.

    And what kind of video in the Flash file? Probably mp4/h.264 so hardware acceleration can be used.
    If that's true, why do i need it in a Flash container?
  • dannyaa
    or in this video preview:

    we see at around 35 seconds the browser crash while playing a flash version of youtube. The same one the iPad runs flawlessly in HTML5 :P

    Let's not forget Adobe claims it runs flawlessy... let's see how that translates to real world use. And let's not forget that power draw/battery drain is one of the claims of Apple. Will be interesting to see how that holds up under intensive flash use VS html5 use.

  • ravicai
    @ dannyaa

    This is a prototype as your video clearly shows, so it's not surprising it still has a few kinks. For all you know it could have been the browser. At least somebody didn't leave this prototype in a bar...
  • Stardude82
    Yay! Finally a tablet with full screen flash ad capability!
  • matt87_50
    so over HTML5 fanboys.
  • DjEaZy
    ... it is just sad... ok... the support for flash is awesome, but look at the iPad copying... it's allover the place... and now, that intel teams up with google... two lords of the dark side...,10306.html
    ... now wonder apple is looking up to do something with AMD/ATi...,10206.html
  • I don't care if it looks just like ipad. as long as it doesn't bear the apple trademark or is in anyway putting money into steve job's several bank accounts- I'll take it.
  • You mean how awesome HTML5 is on the Ipad, like this?