Treyarch Removes, Restores Black Ops II Map Nuketown 2025

Imagine this scenario: You preorder your favorite game on the promise that you'll receive free DLC. Just a week after the game's release, after you've already played the game and installed said DLC, you find that the DLC is no longer available for play. According to the developer and publisher, the DLC was indeed free, but would only be available for "special events."

Such is the situation that Call of Duty: Black Ops II players faced when a fan-favorite map 'Nuketown' was removed by the developer from the game's playlist.

"Double XP weekend is official over. That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. Right? Don't kill the messenger," announced Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar via his Twitter.

The 'Nuketown' map was promised to be a preorder and Collector's Edition bonus, inciting fan ire. The feedback was so vehement that Treyarch has restored the map.

The 'Chaos Moshpit' playlist was added to Black Ops II as a concession to fans. It includes smaller game maps, including 'Nuketown.'

"You killed the messenger, but I still fight for the users. RT to #bringbackNuketown2025 and we will add to a small maps moshpit," stated Vonderhaar after the developer relented.

The 'Chaos Moshpit' playlist includes, besides Nuketown, "Carrier, Cargo, Express, Hijacked, Slums, Standoff… in the rotation."

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  • jamoise
    We only made 500 million in the first day, we need to make more by charging for that map now.
  • bllue
  • Unless you're in the 12-18 yr old group with an outdated console your a complete idiot if you wasted money on Fail Ops 2 and should be shunned forever!
  • A Bad Day
    jamoiseWe only made 500 million in the first day, we need to make more by charging for that map now.
    It's a profitable business to keeping prodding your customers for more money. And if they leave, you can always rely on word-of-mouth marketing, fancy Youtube videos and astounding game reviews to get more.
  • speedemon
    Who plays COD? No one I know.. Why play the Noob town map pack BS anyways?
  • dscudella
    $60 for Black Ops 2. $50 for the Season Pass (you get all 4 DLC's) or 4 DLC's at $15 each. They make their money.

    I pre ordered it, stood in line for an hour at my local Best Buy and stopped playing 3 days later. Unfortunately I bought it for PC, can't resell. Oh well. Looks like I'll be buying BF3 after all.

    Edit: Why is my comment being rated down? Because I'm giving my honest opinion on a game? Makes perfect sense to me.
  • psychotek71
    still waiting for my cod black ops disk 2 wtf u make 500 mill and screw ur customers....
  • agentbb007
    I bought Black Ops 2 on launch day and have really enjoyed it. Just finished the Campaign on Sunday and loved it. It had a really interesting story and I loved the Strikeforce Missions that let you control the units on the battlefield. I enjoy all realistic first person shooters and buy every one that comes out LOL. I've been playing multiplayer and its awesome too but I'm not going to buy the seasons pass because I'm not sure if I'll still be playing when they are released. Instead I will wait until each is released and decide then if I'm still playing it enough to warrant buying the new maps. I also bought Halo 4 and have completed its Campaign as well which was awesome. But I still prefer the realistic shooters over the Halo type futuristic ones.
  • This article needs to mention the fact that the game has been altered since how it was originally released. Chaos Moshpit is not Nuketown 2025. It is a game that sometimes includes Nuketown. Because of this alter in the game from a week ago I am requesting my money back. No company should have the ability to alter the baseline of a game from its original version. Updates yes, but removal of types of game play, no.
  • tpi2007
    The 'Chaos Moshpit' playlist was added to Black Ops II as a concession to fans.

    Objectively speaking, it wasn't a concession at all, they advertised the map as a pre-order bonus with no disclaimer it would only be available for the first week, so they are legally bound to make the map available as part of the pre-order package. If this went to court Treyarch and Activision would lose.

    This is to Tom's and other sites: on such matters, I think a legal opinion from a third party should be requested in such cases, not that in this case it's very difficult to know that consumers have rights and you can't take features away for no reason other than commercial ones, it just seems that tech sites seem to lack even the most basic notion of what they, themselves, let alone consumers in general, have for rights, and pass the notion that when the seller makes things right they really didn't have to, when the fact is, they did.