HP Launching 'Hurricane' Tablet Running Palm's OS

Late last month, Palm was purchased by HP. Not too long after, amid talk that HP had canned its Windows 7 Slate, speculation emerged regarding a HP Slate running Palm's WebOS operating system.

Today speculation turns into rumors as Examiner.com reports HP is planning a WebOS tablet called the Hurricane. That's right, it looks like HP is ditching the "Slate" moniker in favor of something a little more dramatic for this device. Examiner cites an inside source at HP who says the HP Hurricane is scheduled for a Q3 release later this year.

It's not immediately clear if this means the Android version of the HP Slate has also been canned. Earlier reports suggested that the Windows 7 HP Slate had been scrapped but again, there was nothing to suggest the Android version of the same device was also being written off. With a new WebOS tablet planned, HP could ditch the Android version in favor of fully supporting its own mobile operating system but what a shame that would be.

Which would you prefer, WebOS or Android?

  • thejerk
    How about they freak everyone out and release a tablet that dual-boots Android and WebOS or just lets you choose at first boot. Put 64GB of flash memory in it, and market two SKUs: with 3g and without. $499 and $599 and be done with it.
  • j51
    "Which would you prefer, WebOS or Android?"

    Android for sure!
  • azcoyote
    In order of preference...

    Win 7, Android, WebOS
  • dman3k
    WebOS is the best mobile operating system. It's just sad that Palm wouldn't license the OS.

    Android still has a lot to catch up to WebOS.

    But just how many devices will have WebOS? Android wins.
  • hp79
    I'd like to see Win7 and WebOS dual boot. Win7 isn't really good for a slate style tablet. I have a thinkpad x61t, and I still feel finger inputs for Win7 are crummy at best. It is excellent with a digitizer for taking class notes.
  • HP isn't very good at thinking. They had the choice between an also-ran OS that destroyed the company that created it and a free, open source OS that's on the verge of market dominance. Oh, and the first one cost a billion dollars and the second one is free.

    Why in the WORLD would they choose WebOS over Android? HP has people working on Debian, so I don't think it's like they're hostile to open source...
  • JohnnyLucky
  • eddieroolz
    Interesting! webOS would be much more suited for tablet form, but it will also limit its expansibility. I think I still want Windows 7, though.
  • industrial_zman
    Where is all this negativity coming from people? HP is a HUGE supporter of open source software. Goto http://www.kernel.org and you will see HP is a proud sponsor of the Linux Kernel. The WebOS platform is another Linux distro created by Palm. The fact they want to show off their new acquisitions off so soon maybe a bit premature, however it shows that they are not planning on letting the IP just set on the shelf collecting dust. WebOS as well as Android (or ChromeOS) both show promise of being ported to platforms and formats to ditch the concepts of what we know as a modern operating system.

    For the commenter who blames the WebOS for the downfall of Palm, this isn't true. WebOS was Palm's best chance of surviving. The lack of new and innovative products in many years is Palm's undoing. Sitting on IP like BeOS instead of using it, is Palm's undoing. Not keeping up with the Jones (aka RIM, Windows Mobile, Linux, ect) is Palm's undoing. WebOS was a great idea, just a little late to the market to compete.

    Most likely you will NEVER see a version of the "Hurricane" with Windows 7. From my grapevine, the "Hurricane" platform will be ARM based to compete with MSI and Asus's offerings of tablets. There was talk in the shop about another netbook concept similar to the TX1200 and TM12 series notebooks running the latest Atoms with Optimus coming from HP.
  • joytech22
    All three are good operating systems, Windows 7 is more compatible with desktop applications, Android has a VERY fast growing market and Palm's WebOS should do okay if they market enough devices, but to me there are just too many choices to make and so many devices to buy, making a choice is hard to do.