HP Launching 'Hurricane' Tablet Running Palm's OS

Late last month, Palm was purchased by HP. Not too long after, amid talk that HP had canned its Windows 7 Slate, speculation emerged regarding a HP Slate running Palm's WebOS operating system.

Today speculation turns into rumors as Examiner.com reports HP is planning a WebOS tablet called the Hurricane. That's right, it looks like HP is ditching the "Slate" moniker in favor of something a little more dramatic for this device. Examiner cites an inside source at HP who says the HP Hurricane is scheduled for a Q3 release later this year.

It's not immediately clear if this means the Android version of the HP Slate has also been canned. Earlier reports suggested that the Windows 7 HP Slate had been scrapped but again, there was nothing to suggest the Android version of the same device was also being written off. With a new WebOS tablet planned, HP could ditch the Android version in favor of fully supporting its own mobile operating system but what a shame that would be.

Which would you prefer, WebOS or Android?

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  • azcoyote
    In order of preference...

    Win 7, Android, WebOS
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  • thejerk
    How about they freak everyone out and release a tablet that dual-boots Android and WebOS or just lets you choose at first boot. Put 64GB of flash memory in it, and market two SKUs: with 3g and without. $499 and $599 and be done with it.
  • j51
    "Which would you prefer, WebOS or Android?"

    Android for sure!
  • azcoyote
    In order of preference...

    Win 7, Android, WebOS