VIDEO: HP's Windows 7 Slate Gets Reviewed

At this stage, it feels like a launch for HP's Windows 7 slate might never come. We've heard plenty of talk about WebOS devices since HP purchased Palm earlier this year but we've heard very little about the company's plans for Windows devices. Back in July the company said the Windows tablet was still alive but as an enterprise product that could possibly launch in the fall.

Keeping the hope alive is this video from a YouTube user who claims to have an early HP Slate model. He's posted a review of the device to the video-sharing site and though it's a little on the short side (four minutes), he's pretty thorough and gives us a decent look at the ever so elusive Windows tablet.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Will you consider buying one if/when HP releases it?

Source: YouTube via Engadget

  • jhansonxi
    Too slow to boot but seemed ok once it got going.
  • Parsian
    good stuff, too bad at them moment i cant hear the person. Is this thing running on atom N450?
  • It seemed pretty responsive. With a good docking station setup Hp might be able to convince some business's to upgrade their tired old p4 xp towers.
  • bv90andy
    It looks ok. Nothing revolutionary though. It needs a little speed-up. Also maybe a Tiny7? 14 Gb of hdd space lost only for windows is too much. Especially if they will sell them in 32 Gb versions.
  • christopherknapp
    To be honest, I am not impressed at all. Windows 7 is not designed to be a tablet OS. I would prefer it to be Ubuntu-like or maybe Android based.

    For now I will stick with my iPad, but I look forward to more Windows offerings.
  • mkyam
    When do they ever learn to design a completely new OS for touch interface instead of porting the desktop version of the OS? I don't know how much R&D it's going to take, but if they continue like this all they're going to get is following behind Apple's footstep, and way behind.

    I'm not an Apple's fan, but I'm yet to see a decent tablet (in terms of user interface, not features) that can rival Apple's.
  • eddieroolz
    The back looks good, and the overall look is good, but we might need upgraded hardware.
  • synergi
    Windows 7 is designed to run with touch. You only have to use the touch pack software to know that. Its the software that runs on Windows that has to be built for touch. I wish people would stop talking about what they have no clue about.

    The iPad, while great, (I own one too) is not a real computer. In the moments I attempt to be productive on my iPad, I spend literally hours looking for Apps and work a rounds to do what I want it to do. It seems we are becoming a nation that wants dumb down Apps over real, well done software.
  • cruiseoveride
    That is some really buggy scrolling.
  • smeker
    Slow bootup, slow and laggy response, and buggy scrolling.

    Ugh oh... This will never sell... No wonder HP pulled the Win 7 Slate off the market.