YouTube Won't be Affected by Google's Fight Against Piracy

Google on Friday revealed a new system for fighting piracy on the web. Amit Singhal, Google's SVP of Engineering, said that starting this week, the company would implement an update in the search algorithms that will place sites related to piracy lower on the list. The demotion will be based on the number of valid copyright removal notices (DMCA) Google receives for any given website, and aims to help Web surfers find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily, pushing Spotify, Hulu and others to the top. However, it seems Google's own video site, YouTube, has no risk of falling in the rankings.

Search Engine Land reports that since Google's system for filing copyright removal notices is different, Youtube (which no doubt receives numerous take-down notices each day) won't be affected by the new policy. The issue lies with the fact that YouTube has its own Copyright Center complete with a Copyright Infringement Notification button for copyright owners. There's also a Content Verification Program and Content ID button for submitting multiple copyright notifications and verifying content. Filing a copyright infringement claim in this way lets Google know about the infringement without actually sending a DMCA notice.

SEL's Danny Sullivan writes that if copyright owners do decide to go the takedown route and get a video removed, the YouTube page hosting the video itself remains up and also remains potentially listed in Google. If the search giant had a common DMCA takedown system, YouTube would be affected by the new demoting system. However, because it has its own tools for having videos removed, it won't ever find itself on Google's list of publishers with the most takedown notices.

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  • boiler1990
    To be honest, I don't care one bit about YouTube results. Google shouldn't be inserting itself in the issue of copyright infringement in any manner whatsoever. As a search provider, they should be giving me unadulterated results for the terms I entered in the search bar, not what Google or others *think* I should be seeing.

    The DMCA takedown filings really are just accusations against theft - they do not need to be substantiated with large amounts of evidence (and can sometimes work against the owners, as demonstrated in the Jay Leno + NBC debacle). In this case, specific sites could very easily be targeted with DMCA notices, and Google will downrank the site in search results simply because the site has a large number of filed notices, regardless of their validity.

    Rarely are measures like this implemented for the benefit of all. Google was originally a large backer of the net neutrality agreements, and this is a very visible step backward on their position.
  • neblix
    I think he means voila.
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  • digiex
    I typed Nero serial at the search window and walah!
  • Anonymous
    Anyone else want to know what the hell a walah is?
  • neblix
    I think he means voila.