YouTube and Warner Music Kiss and Make Up

In a blog post published yesterday afternoon, YouTube prefaced the announcement by reminding users that music licensing is complicated. However, the video sharing site went on to say that under a new, multi-year global agreement that covers the full Warner catalog, users can watch and share Warner music on YouTube.

Those of you using YouTube to post your own videos will be pleased to hear that the agreement also includes user-generated content containing WMG acts. So what does Warner get out of it? The deal is based on revenue share generated by ads on the videos. This means the label will be able to sell its own ad inventory as well as use YouTube's Content ID technology to make money from videos uploaded by users.

The announcement follows a disagreement last year that led to nine months of Warner-less YouTube. Warner walked out an its old agreement because it felt it wasn't receiving enough revenue.

Check out the full post here.

  • leafblower29
    YES! YES! YES! This is great. Now I don't have to worry if the artist is WMG.
  • warmon6
    Well im glad i haven't deleted my upload because of that. Great new tom
  • kelfen
  • brother shrike
    awesome. It's about time.
  • Major7up
    It's about time Warner saw the value offered by having their content on You-Tube...word of mouth (or eye/ear in this case) is the best form of advertising your products and services.
  • wildwell
    Nice. This is progress.
  • cruiseoveride
    I can't believe that people actually see advertising on the internet. Goes to show how unpopular adblock still is.
  • socrates047
    It boils down to making money, if a music company can put tracks of their sighned artists on youtube while making money, they don't give a shit,As soon as they start loosing money thats when they act like, "we need a serious reform to help everyone prosper" or shit
  • neiroatopelcc
    I wonder if the artists see any of the revenue generated or if the greasy publisher fingers take it all for doing no work whatsoever.
  • Mromson
    Warner needs to go out of business.