Amplitude Studios Partners With Sega For Future Titles

Amplitude Studios’ Endless Space 2 has been in development for some time. In fact, we last saw it at Gamescom last year. The studio still plans to release the game this year, but it will do so with the help of a new publisher: Sega.

According to a blog post from the studio’s co-founders, Mathieu Girard and Romain de Waubert de Genlis,  the decision to team up with Sega was due to the increased burden of the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

“What we want to do is to focus on making games; that is why we created Amplitude. But with the pressure on sales and marketing, we found that more and more time was dedicated to everything else – everything that we didn’t have the size and scale to deal with. So we decided to look for the best partner we could to protect us from these distractions so that game development did not become a chore, but remained a passion.”

Sega increases its portfolio of strategy-based titles with Amplitude Studios under its publishing umbrella. Obviously, its marquee strategy franchise is the Total War series from Creative Assembly. The company also has ties with Relic Entertainment, which is currently working on Dawn of War III.

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