Apple Launches iPhone Addiction Christmas Ad

It's that time of year and it seems even Apple is looking to spread the holiday cheer. The Cupertino-based company released its holiday commercial today wishing viewers a merry Christmas. Of course, it wouldn't be an Apple commercial if there weren't some Apple products in the mix, and Apple is showcasing the iPhone as well as AirPlay this time.

The commercial shows an iPhone-addicted kid and his family visiting his grandparents for the holidays. What follows is a sight anyone who's encountered a teenager over the last few years will recognize. The family bakes cookies, decorates the tree, makes snow angels, and plays in the snow, but the teenager is too engrossed in his iPhone to take part in any meaningful way. All is revealed on Christmas morning, when he turns on AirPlay and plays a video he made (presumably using iMovie for iOS) using footage from the past few days. Everyone cries, and music plays the commercial out.

It's simple and effective, with its focus on family and togetherness sealing the deal. Still, the title, 'Misunderstood' may be a little optimistic. After all, how many of the smartphone addicted teens out there are busy working on perfectly cut video montages to show off on Christmas morning?

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  • keithca
    Filmed right here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada
  • Patrick Tobin
    Does anybody else notice that the teenager seems to have no shared features with anybody? If you're going to cast a family at least make it look like they belong together :P
  • bmwman91

    Yes, because people need to watch a video of a family xmas gathering that happened within the last 24 hours, which they all just witnessed with their own eyes. Little Billy was participating in his own way, of course, albeit an entirely passive one. Thankfully, the family video montage didn't include the pictures of his junk that he was taking and snapchatting to most of his classmates during all of this.

    Later that night the entire family got to watch his meltdown vid over the fact that his sister received a new iPad and he is stuck with the model from 6 months ago. Don't forget to turn off airplay, kids! Grandpa doesn't understand "the meltdown", and will just tell you to stop being a pussy. Old people, what do THEY know?
  • ta152h
    People are crying because he's got the iPhone 5S, but they were talked into the iPhone 5C, or couldn't afford the new phones.

    They are suffering from buyer's remorse, or envy, and he's being cruel with this video. He's also got "64-Bit" subliminally added to the video as well, which further accentuates the shortcomings of their devices.

    It's a very dysfunctional family when you look a little deeper.
  • hitman40
    @ta152h, wtf are you talking about 64-bit subliminally added to the video? 64-bit is a spec, a piece of information, that was never even mentioned in this video. Wow, you guys seriously over analyze everything, especially when most of you have an innate hate for apple that it eventually leads to your own mis-judgements.
  • socalboomer
    it would be more believable if he were actually RECORDING stuff. When your phone is pointed down and your thumb is typing, you're not recording. The commercial makes it look like he's participating when he's not; it makes him look like he's recording, when he's not.
  • ta152h
    @hitman40 I keep forgetting how stupid most people are, and assumed they'd realize I was kidding.

    Forgive me for thinking you had an IQ of a donkey, although in other ways, you certainly would fit the description of jackass.
  • jerrspud
    I guess you don't need to live in the moment if you record it?