Apple to Launch Cheaper iPhone 5C 8 GB on March 18?

These days, most iPhone rumors focus on the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 6, with a few about a next generation iPhone 5C thrown in for good measure. However, it seems Apple isn't done with the current generation iPhone 5C just yet. The latest rumors say we'll see a brand new, smaller capacity iPhone 5C this week.

European cell phone carrier O2 apparently let the cat out of the bag in an internal email obtained by The email, which originated from O2 Germany, says the handset will be available in an 8 GB configuration starting tomorrow, March 18. Naturally, this smaller capacity iPhone 5C would be cheaper than the current entry-level 16 GB iPhone. German prices put the phone at €509, which is €60 less than the 16 GB.

Apple hasn’t offered an 8 GB iPhone since the iPhone 4S, and that phone is still available. While there’s no indication as to what this means for the iPhone 4S, it’s likely Apple is trying to phase out this 3-year-old phone. Though even the iPhone 4 is able to run iOS 7.1, the iPhone 5C is Apple’s ‘entry-level’ iPhone. It’s not cheap, but it’s more affordable than the iPhone 5S. It makes sense that the company would want to streamline its offerings.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing 'premium' iPhone 5C models later this year. The rumors regarding the iPhone 6 are a bit all over the place right now, but there's been talk of a new iPhone 5C with colorful aluminum shells similar to what we see on the current generation iPod nano. Check out all the rumors regarding the next generation of iPhone here.

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  • Cryio
    Would a 5C 8GB be cheaper than a 4S 32GB or 16GB ?
  • lpedraja2002
    As I understand anything below the iPhone 5 line lags like crazy with iOS 7. My iphone 4 was pretty much unusable when i blindly upgraded to iOS 7.Also, will people sue Apple when they find out they have only like 2gb of space to use on an 8gb device? I remember all the happy suers whe microsoft launched their surface tablets and no one looked the other way even though they were getting worse storage space on rival devices.
  • daekar
    8GB? Seriously? Who the heck would buy a device with that little storage that can't accept a micro SD card? I swear, I don't understand the mobile device market at all.
  • house70
    For that money one could buy a real phone instead.
  • bodonnell
    I hope Apple doesn't abandon those of us that actually like the fact the iPhone isn't a giant beast cell phone and that it will easily slide in the front pocket of my jeans. 2 sizes seems appropriate here, 1 with physical dimensions comparable to the current iPhone (even if the screen is slightly larger and the bezels are slightly smaller), and another for those craving a gigantic phablet.