Comcast worker snoozes at customer's house

A Comcast worker was caught sleeping on the job, not once, but twice. The Maironi family in Garden City Michigan had a Comcast worker fix the cable system, but found the worker asleep after one hour. One of the family members took a cameraphone picture of the worker who was sprawled out on his bed.

Another family member woke the sleeping worker, but he simply fell asleep again. Comcast Cable has apologized saying, "We obviously do not condone what was represented in the photograph. The individual involved is no longer performing work for Comcast." The company adds that the worker was a contractor rather than a regular employee.

This is the second time in recent months where a Comcast worker has been caught sleeping on the job. Back in June, another worker fell asleep on a customer's couch. The quick thinking customer videotaped the event and even posted it to YouTube.

The picture from Garden City hasn't made the Internet just yet.