Criminal Ordered To Not Post Any Illegal YouTube Videos


Leeds (England) - There are dumb criminals and then there are EXTREMELY dumb criminals. 23-year-old Andrew Kellett liked committing crimes so much that he video-taped the crimes and posted them on YouTube ... 80 times. The crimes ranged from speeding, possessing illegal drugs to leaving a gas station without paying. Local law enforcement weren’t too happy about Kellett’s escapades and a magistrate has slapped Kellett with an Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO) that bars him from posting any more online videos which depict illegal acts.

Leeds City Councilor Less Carter calls Kellett the city’s "dumbest criminal", but also thanks the guy for being so accommodating on providing the evidence necessary to catch him. "If more criminals were as obliging the city would be even safer," said Carter.

Kellett’s videos are still available on YouTube under his ’MrChimp2007’ page here. Don’t knock yourself out trying to view them all because they are mostly motion-sickness inducing shaky cam clips of him doing stupid things. Most of the videos only have a few hundred to a thousand hits, but the most popular ’Who Pays for Petrol Anyways?’ has been viewed nearly 38,000 times.

This obviously isn’t the first time some criminal has posted incriminating evidence on YouTube and in fact, this type of stuff happens so often we could probably run a regular column on it. Just last week, we wrote about a Miami area gangster that posted YouTube video (holding an AK-47 no less) taunting police to "come get some".