New 'Deathstorm' DLC, Capture The Flag Mode Come To 'Sniper Elite 4'

A new piece of downloadable content (DLC) is available today for Sniper Elite 4. In addition to a new chapter in the Deathstorm DLC story, Rebellion also launched a free update, which includes a new map and game mode for multiplayer.

The story of Deathstorm takes place after the main campaign and features three episodes. In this second part in the series, you will have to infiltrate Niroli, a town in Northern Italy. Keeping with the game’s main focus on verticality, the town is full of towers and rooftops that you can climb in order to have a perfect sniping nest. If discovered, you can easily lose your pursuers in the many streets and alleyways.

After retrieving the “Deathstorm,” a package of deadly plutonium particles, in the first episode, you’ll have to go to Niroli and rescue an Italian scientist and his wife. In return, the scientist will tell you everything he knows about the Nazi’s plans for Deathstorm. If you bought the game’s Season Pass, which costs $35, you’ll get the entire three-part series. You can also purchase each episode separately for $7 apiece.

If you don’t want to pay, you can still reap the benefits through the studio’s latest update. In addition to some gameplay changes and bug fixes, which you can read in full on the game’s Steam page, you can now try out a new map called “Urban” in the multiplayer and Survival modes. You can also compete for bragging rights in Capture the Flag, the latest multiplayer mode to make its way into the game. There are also new anti-cheat measures in place for all maps.

The release timing of the new DLC and update might not seem significant if not for the fact that CI Games’ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 comes out today as well. There aren’t many well-known sniper-based games on the market, and it seems that Rebellion wants to stake its position as the premier sniper game in the industry.

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