Facebook Launches New, Clean, Feature-packed Messenger

Facebook’s messaging platform was once the butt of just about every jock around. Notoriously unreliable (as weird as that seems for a messaging service) and fraught with problems ranging from usability to actual delivery speed. The social media giant has come a long way since yesteryear though, and its latest plan gives the impression it wants supplant texting and other mobile-to-mobile messengers entirely.

Just yesterday the company released the latest iteration of its messaging app for Android, promising faster, more reliable service and clean, modern interface.

Some updated features include the ability to confirm your phone number and let users that aren’t your friends send you messages on your mobile device and be notified as if they were texts.

While only a limited number of users have received the messenger update so far, this roll out strategy tends to match up pretty well with their typical MO, sending out updates in batches. If you're interested in the full press release, you can check it out here.

This updates comes is the latest effort by Facebook to combat other platforms like WhatsApp which now boasts upwards of 300 million users.

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  • outlw6669
    11828071 said:
    Facebook’s messaging platform was once the butt of just about every jock around.

    Keep it classy Toms
  • joaompp
    A day late and a dollar short, Google hangouts has all the features most people would want from a messaging service, and once they integrate Google voice into it, enabling SMS messages, which is soon supposedly with version 1.3, it'll be a wrap
  • Grandmastersexsay
    A messaging service/advertising monitor/NSA toolkit.

    No thank you.
  • Murissokah
    Facebook apps are too intrusive and too bloated, even if they manage to fix the bad performance and bugs.

    They should've thought of that before releasing a crappy application that was more about harvesting user data than providing a good service. Now that ship has sailed.
  • jasonpwns
    Joa the google plus is neat, but it lacks a ton of my peers. So what use is it? My girlfriend doesn't even use a smart phone right now.
  • JustinCox22
    I haven't used this one yet.