Firefox gears for 2.0 with new release candidate

Mozilla recently released a new version of its Firefox 2.0 Release Candidate 2, a publicly available preview of an overhauled version of the current Firefox Web browser. According to the release dates as well as early media reports, not much has changed on the surface to Firefox 2.0 since the last major beta release in August.

However, Mozilla has reportedly been working on security and extension issues with its next-generation browser. Dozens of Firefox extensions, a key part of the appeal to the browser, are not yet compatible with Firefox 2.0, according to Mozilla.

According to DevX, Mike Schroepfer, a developer for Mozilla, said, "There are a handful of security and stability bugs we'd like to see get in before the final FF2 release. Thus we'll be doing a third release candidate." The new release candidate is set to go live tomorrow.

The official release of Firefox 2.0 is set for the end of October, and will sport new features like built-in phishing protection, in-line spell checking, saving and resuming browsing sessions, and a completely new look to the browser itself.