Google's ''X Phone'' May Be Several Devices

Unnamed sources within Motorola claim that the rumored X Phone project is indeed real, and will encompass multiple devices, not just a single high-end flagship iPhone and Samsung Galaxy killer.

According to the sources, the first product is expected to ship by the end of July, and won't focus on hardware specs and software gimmicks. Instead, it will focus on connectivity to upcoming wearable devices like Google Glass and Google Watch. Google and Motorola are supposedly working on a whole line of "X" gadgets.

Building a Google Glass-friendly phone makes sense. After all, if the consumer is willing to dump over $1000 on the tech specs, why would they want to dump even more into a phone? Thus, Google Glass would be the central input device whereas the X Phone would serve as the cheap, secondary compliment. The same could be said with a Google Watch.

Sources said the idea behind X Phone is to provide an ultra-affordable device with a possible starting retail price of $199 or less without the typical two-year ball-and-chain contract and embedded crapware. Even more, there's talk that this entire X Phone line will allow consumers to custom-build their phone just like a PC.

The supposed prototype shown last week reportedly featured Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC, 2 GB of RAM, a 4.65-inch display, and a 2,200 mAh battery. That's similar to what the Nexus 4 offers, and could symbolize a base high-end configuration, following in the footsteps of PC manufacturers like Dell, HP and other desktop OEMs which offer several base tier configurations.

As Android and Me points out, Dell revolutionized the PC industry with its "built-to-order" and direct-sales model approach to manufacturing. That's what Google and Motorola are supposedly doing with X Phone, but what about other Android partners? Wouldn't this type of build-to-order method undercut their products?

Of course, X Phone may merely be Motorola's flagship iPhone killer launching later this year, and everything else is just fluff and speculation. Still, an unlocked, cheap customizable phone could put a severe hurting on both Samsung and Apple.

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  • nieur
    just hoping there won't be any supply shortage like nexus 4
  • hannibal
    Well if it is made by Motorola, they don't artificially keep production low like LG did...
    The Nexus phone was competiting too hard with LGs own normal production... Hmm... why there are production problems with "too cheap" Nexus 4, but not similarly produced LG model that just hapen to cost 40-50% more... Just wondering...
  • 457undead
    Woah X is original.
  • Joshua Below
    I could imagine a phone that can be upgraded with a new SoC every year or so would be quite amazing if large companies like this can get behind the idea. I also would be so thrilled if they added a QWERTY option!!!!! They're just not coming up with new QWERTY devices like they used to.
  • borisof007
    Make sure it's on Verizon please. Nexus 4 made me sadface : (
  • vkg1
    Google is so pathetic compared to Samsung. Android's is a pretty big boat anchor at this point. But I'm confident my boys will be able to cut the chain in the next 1.5 year or so as that's about the timeframe I expect Samsung Linux to be able to replace Google Linux.
  • pliskin1
    4.6" screen, no go. It's too big.
  • beayn
    Microsoft should have made an xPhone and sell it off the successful xBox name, with integrated xbox features. Instead, they call it "Windows Phone" which is notorious for bluescreens and viruses. Marketing fail imo. They'd have a real contender if they didn't name the phone after something with such a bad rep.

    Now it looks like Google has the name they needed.

  • slomo4sho
    WTB mSD support.
  • amlman
    pliskin14.6" screen, no go. It's too big.i agree.
    it might be OK for some, but google should give us other options.
    if compering to PCs, with standard range of 11"-17", why not range of phones of 3.5"-5"?
    why allow customization of internals, and not the whole pack, e.g. battery, screen technology etc.?