Miami designer develops GPS shoes

Miami (FL) - An independent businessman from Miami has developed a pair of shoes with a built-in GPS sensor, which can be used to send a distress signal in case the wearer gets lost or cannot get to his cell phone. The shoes are planned to be available in March.

Isaac Daniel created the shoes, which have a built-in 2" x 3" GPS device that is waterproof, shockproof, and can withstand weight of up to 300 pounds. According to Daniel, the main purpose of the embedded sensor is to be able to send out a distress signal with the wearer's precise location.

Daniel has penned the name Quantum Satellite Technology for the footwear tech, which complements his line of shoes that date back to 2000. The new shoes, scheduled for a March debut, will be his first to incorporate the GPS feature.

The sneakers have a button on the top, which will automatically send an emergency message to the local authorities. Daniel says the idea was inspired by a "flaw" he noticed in other GPS devices, which could be left at home or not always available in an emergency situation.

According to media reports, Daniel is investing a lot in the new project, with national TV ads on the way to help market the shoes, which will retail for up to $350. He is reportedly working on a deal with a "large department store chain."