British Navy spoils sailors with iPod docking stations

The HMS Daring, costing almost $1.1 Billion US dollars, is the British Royal Navy's newest Destroyer. The 150 meter long ship is filled with high-tech armament including anti-air missiles, a long range gun and high-powered radar. However, not all of the technology is targeted at the enemy: Sailors will be able to plug in their iPods into docking stations available in almost every crew cabin.

Serving in the Navy often means long trips away from the comforts of home. Both the British and American Navies are trying to make the crew quarters bigger and more comfortable to increase morale and the re-enlistment rates. The quarters in the HMS Daring are so good that they have been dubbed "Hotel Facilities" and have Internet jacks, CD players, five channel audio systems and even iPod docking/charging stations.

The Daring is the first of six Type 45 Destroyers that will provide ground fire support and air cover. In addition to guns and missiles, the ship will carry eight Lynx Mark 8 anti-submarine helicopters.