First Hands-on and Unboxing of the HP ElitePad 900 G1

We've just got our hands on HP's ElitePad 900 G1, which runs a full version of Windows 8. While other tablets, such as the Surface Pro, boast a full version of Windows, HP's offering is business-focused. This could mean that it'd be better adopted into HP's bread and butter market of enterprises. This could be an important product for HP, as it recently said that it is shifting its resources from PCs to tablets. Of course, it's relatively modest Intel Atom Z2760 could be a limiting factor, but we'll let you know if it is in a follow-up coming soon.

HP ElitePad 900 G1 Windows 8 Pro Tablet Unboxing

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  • victorintelr
    Well... with those features I don't think is going to be very fast. It's probably gonna fall within the scores of the samsung with the Atom also.
    For 200 more I can get a tablet PC with an i5, at least 64GB, usb 3.0 port. Besides the optional dock.... thanks but no thanks.
  • esrever
    Atoms are still a bit too slow for me. But then again, I don't really have any use for a tablet.
  • boiler1990
    Yeah, $1200 is a high asking price for this thing. It's almost no different than the Asus VivoTab Smart, which only costs $500.