iPad Dominates Tablet Market, Google Nexus Increases Share

Apple's iPad remained the dominant tablet during December, but Google's Nexus slate and Amazon's Kindle Fire increased their market share.

Online advertising firm Chitika examined North American tablet impressions on its advertising network, with the latest report collecting "tens of millions of tablet impressions" gathered from December 8 to December 14.

Apple's lineup of the iPad generates 87 percent of North American web traffic, while the Kindle Fire slate enjoyed the largest increase. Amazon's tablets accounted for 4.88 impressions per 100 iPad impressions, equivalent to a 4.25 percent share of "all tablet web traffic as a whole."

Impressions generated by the Kindle Fire increased by 20 percent from the 3.57 percent share it settled for a month earlier. Elsewhere, Samsung's Galaxy tablets and Google's own devices including the Nexus 7 also "experienced a usage share increase, albeit less impressive than the Kindle Fire."

During the aforementioned period, Samsung's devices saw their impressions increase from 2.36 percent to a 2.65 percent of North American tablet traffic. The Nexus slate increased its share from a 0.91 percent hold in November to 1.06 percent in December, which represents a 15 percent month-to-month growth.

The full list of tablets ranked by average tablet impressions per 100 iPad impressions is as follows:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire: 4.88
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablets: 3.04
  • Google Nexus Tablets: 1.22
  • Asus Transformer: 0.93
  • Barnes & Noble Nook: 0.91
  • BlackBerry PlayBook: 0.80
  • Acer Iconia: 0.76
  • Toshiba Thrive: 0.60
  • Motorola Xoom: 0.59
  • Other Android Tablets: 0.45
  • Microsoft Surface: 0.22
  • HP TouchPad: 0.18
  • Unidentifiable Android Tablets: 0.17

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  • AzureFlash
    I'm going to interpret "Unidentifiable Android Tablets" as referring to badass power users who solder together their own tablets and compile their own custom Android fork, and do their everyday tasks in realtime mental binary execution along with a magnetized needle and a steady hand.
  • unksol
    Not this again... Web traffic does not = market share. And everyone i have ever seen run Android immediately switches their browser to say its a desktop, not Android. Who wants s crummy mobile version of half a webpage?
  • tanjo
    I have never seen something so biased before... even from you, Zak. How can you come up with this conclusion? Do Chitaka control all ads in NA? Very misleading numbers. Unless they used data from other mobile advertisers, which I'm pretty sure they didn't.

    Let's say 100 million iPads in NA. There's only 1.22M Nexus? 220K Surface?
  • viper666
    Misleading title as always from the well known apple fanboy Zak Islam. Oh and the tablet market is not limited to NA (unless they also think the earth is flat)

    "iPad Dominates Tablet Market" is not the same thing with "87 percent of NA web traffic."

    "iPad dominates the web traffic in North America" would have been more suitable;
  • killerclick
    Surface 0.22% lol
  • halcyon
    @ KillerClick ...Surface period. LOL

    The iPad 3 and 4 are still really nice hardware with really nice displays that have access to a really nice App Store ecosystem that is, IMO, wasted on iOS. iOS is just too simple and looks too dated compared to ICS and JellyBean. Apple is aware of this and they're secretly working on making iOS something an enthusiast wouldn't be so embarrassed to be seen using.

    Many folks in the US are still simple-minded when it comes to technology so they gravitate to what Apple is offering. Remember, the US is far behind the rest of the world in math and science...I think this may relate to our iOS usage, simpler OS for simpler minds? Just a hypothesis. Don't get me wrong, I've said this before, American brainiacs are a serious and elite bunch. Hence, we make the most efficient, nasty, ...and popular killing instruments mankind has ever known and if you're on our good-list we may even sell you some. LOL.

    I'm proud to be an American Android user in those 0.17 impressions.
  • I refuse to believe that "iPad generates 87 percent of North American web traffic"... where do these numbers come from?
  • chibiwings
    he's doing his job well.. A+ for you Zak.. A+ for the bias articles
  • bluekoala
    Troll article
  • ericburnby
    unksolNot this again... Web traffic does not = market share. And everyone i have ever seen run Android immediately switches their browser to say its a desktop, not Android. Who wants s crummy mobile version of half a webpage?
    This shows how stupid you (and the idiots who up voted you) truly are. Changing your browser user agent to show desktop DOES NOT fool analytics software. Do you still believe the world is flat?

    All good modern analytics software can determine the browser, OS version and even the device make/model REGARDLESS of what your browser is set to. The fact that you (and others) don't even know this shows how completely ignorant you are of how analytic software grabs these statistics.

    And Chitika is only one company. Studies have been done by numerous firms (including IBM) that track other data besides ads and they come up with the same numbers (iPad sitting close to 90%). How do you explain those numbers? A conspiracy between rival firms to show the iPad as being most popular?