Picture from Case Maker Claims to Show iPhone 5

With the summer half over, the launch of the iPhone 5 is drawing ever closer. We've heard plenty of rumors regarding the new iPhone, including whisperings of a larger display, a smaller dock connector, a slimmer design, 4G LTE, and much more. However, today's iPhone 5 report brings us something a little bit different.


What you see above are purported pictures of the new iPhone, which is thought to be arriving this fall. SlashGear reports that a Chinese case vendor is showing what looks to be iPhone 5 wrapped up in one of the company's new iPhone cases. The images seem to confirm previous reports regarding the presence of a smaller dock connector.

Sadly, the image doesn't tell us much else and offers no glimpse of the back of the device. Indeed, it's difficult to tell what changes Apple has made to the design other than a larger screen and a 4-inch connector. What it does tell us is that this iPhone will likely also be available in white, similar to previous iterations.

Though Apple's upcoming iPhone is commonly referred to as 'the iPhone 5,' it's thought Apple might ditch the '5' and simply call it 'the new iPhone,' as it did with the new iPad earlier this year. 

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  • superp
    I'll buy one.
  • Empurfektion
    Oh hey. Looks like a larger version of the iPhone 1-4. Who knew?
  • house70
    Looks like the unwanted bastard of an LG phone with a SGS3.
    If this is a real, non-doctored photo, it seems they're trending towards rounded corners more and more.
    Soon, they'll start suing other manufacturers that make phones with round corners.
    And, despite all this, still looks like a brick....
  • oneblackened
    I'd much rather a SGS3.
  • zloginet
    Oh my god Becky, look at that phone.... It is just...so the same....
  • nafoni
    Will it be even thinner?

    Honestly, I would like Apple to ditch this thing about constantly making their products smaller/thinner.
    Battery life > size
  • soundping
    Looks like toilet filler.
  • SirCJ
    4-inch connector?
  • nocteratus
    It looks too much like my iphone 4. No improvement there, next phone will be a SGIII.
  • nebun
    i don't care what it looks like...personally i love that the hardware and software are developed in-house...also like the idea of now having to wait forever to get software updates....can't wait to get rid of my Android POS