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Intel Sinks $40 Million in 10 Tech Companies

A total of $40 million went to:

- content sharing platform Box
- content distributor
- chip designer Focaltech
- social radio Jelli
- social game company LIFO Interactive
- mobile proximity platform NewAer
- e-payment provider PagPop
- cloud services company Tier 3
- 3D game developer Transmension
- mobile advertising company UUCun

The announcement was made at the Intel Capital Global Summit, which reportedly hosts more than 1,000 Intel funded entrepreneurs. "Our annual Global Summit and the ongoing Intel Capital Technology Days provide our portfolio companies with unmatched access to the decision-making executives critical to revenue-generating sales or partnerships," said Intel capital president Arvind Sodhani in a statement. "The 10 new investments in innovative companies announced today stand to benefit greatly from these longstanding company-building resources."

Intel rarely benefits from its investments directly, but typically places its investments strategically to support its core businesses and support an increase in chip sales.

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