Intel to launch Napa successor "Santa Rosa" in Q1 2007 - report

According to a report published on Germany's, Intel's successor of the current mobile "Napa" platform is developed under the code name "Santa Rosa." While Napa consists out of the Core Duo processor and the 945 chipset, Santa Rosa will be compatible with the recently launched Core Duo chip as well as the next-generation "Merom" processor and a chipset WinFuture says will be called "Crestine." However, we believe Crestine actually will be "Crestline" to stay in line with Intel's recent tradition to name its mobile chipsets after pretty areas in California.

According to, Crestline will be based on a 800 MHz FSB and integrate "Kedron," apparently Intel's codename for a new WLAN controller, which supports the upcoming 802.11n Wi-FI standard and apparently integrates the ICH8-M Southbridge. Our own sources indicate that Santa Rosa will be built using Intel's 1263 process - the firms internal naming for 90 nm production of chipsets. The platform is likely to be introduced in March of 2007, about half a year after Intel will release its Merom processor, and stay around for the introduction of Merom's 45 nm shrink, code-named "Penryn," which should be available sometime in 2008.