Leak Points to Fingerprint Authentication for iPhone

Apple’s event is about to kick off in San Francisco but the rumor mill is still going. Silly to think it would take a breather in the hours leading up to the big unveiling, right? This time it’s a leaked user manual on French website NoWhereElse.fr that shows the iPhone home button doubling as a "Touch ID" sensor. The Wall Street Journal is fanning the flames with its own report that Apple’s newest iPhone could breathe new life into fingerprint scanning technology.

The newspaper cites people familiar with the matter that say Apple will include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S (though it seems the more budget-friendly iPhone 5C will be left out in the cold on this front). What’s more, WSJ anticipates that the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint scanner will start something of a trend in the smartphone world. The paper’s source says at least one Android device with fingerprint scanning capabilities will be released before the end of the year.

Apple is set to announce the iPhone 5S in less than 30 minutes. The iPhone 5S will apparently be available in both gold and silver, in addition to the usual black and white, and will feature a faster processor, biometric fingerprint scanner and an upgraded camera. Not only that, but there's been an abundance of talk about the iPhone 5C, a cheaper, entry-level iPhone that will feature a plastic casing and come in a range of colors. The iPhone 5C will supposedly have the same hardware as the current iPhone 5.

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  • spentshells
    With all this NSA stuff and apple being very open about sharing data I would highly suggest you do not use this feature.
  • Zero Cool
    If it works like the one on my laptop you can just wave a carrot in front of it if you accidentally lose both hands in a freak gasoline fight accident.
  • Geef
    Just watching the trailer for that new Arnold and Stallone movie Escape Plan shows exactly how to get past finger print scanners. Not too hard.
  • fuzzion
    I think its time for for tim cook to leave. His making the iphone into iCrap