Malicious iPhone Virus Takes Control of Your Phone

About a month ago there was an iPhone worm that changed the user's wallpaper to Rick Astley. The Australian student behind that little piece of malware said the software did nothing else and those affected by it could un-Rick their phone very easily. Ashley Towns said that his sole intention was to highlight how easy it is for attackers to gain access to your phone if you haven't taken the proper steps to protect yourself.

Fast forward just a few weeks and we have a malicious iPhone worm that can steal data and even take control of the phone, acting like a botnet. Similar to the Rick Rolling worm, this virus also targets jailbroken iPhones with an SSH password that were never changed from the default to something more secure.

According to Symantec's John McDonald, the virus can steal data contained on the iPhone as well as connect back to the attacker giving them control over the phone including the ability to download and install malware onto it. McDonald says the root password may also be changed in order to prevent the owner from accessing the device and adds that this worm appears to cover a broader range of IP addresses than the Rick Rolling worm. "The first iPhone worm, this one appears to cover a much broader range of IP addresses, including UPC in the Netherlands, Optus in Australia, possibly a Hungarian and a Portuguese provider, T-Mobile and potentially many others."

Read more on Symantec.

  • leo2kp
  • sunflier
    Now, is this just another one of those "apps" I can buy?
  • pale paladin
    This cannot be. Apple products are impervious to any malware.
    My hairy white ass they are. lol
  • IncinX
    Next malware download will cause iGrenade's to go off all over the world causing one of the largest terrorist attacks in history. The US will soon respond with a military incursion into Cupertino, CA.
  • amabhy
    All i gotta say is,

    GG apple users! Screwed if you jailbreak, sucks if you dont!
  • jerreece
    I have to say, I'm sort of happy to see Apple being targeted by a new virus. It serves them right, even if it is only targeting altered devices.

    "I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea."
  • Scotteq
    Clearly, a fabricated and patently false story created by Microsoft fanbois to discredit the Great and Good name of Apple Computers Inc in a vain scheme to prevent the iminent collapse of WinDoze. After all, it is common knowledge that viruses and malware are solely the providence of Win~Blows and (deservedly!!) exist to show the Microserfs what a piece of garbage their so called "choice" of an operating system really is.

    All Hail Steve Jobs!
  • eulogy32
    What kind of valuable information could an iPhone user possible have? Unless the hacker is looking for massive amounts of free indy music and blog passwords.
  • cyberkuberiah
    oh no .
  • Shadow703793
    Wait what?!?!?!? Apple can't get viruses......