Jobs announces Core Solo, Core Duo-based Mac minis

Cupertino (CA) - According to LoopRumors.comApple CEO Steve Jobs has introduced new Intel Core Solo-based and Core Duo-based Mac mini models, in the same form factor as the existing G4-based Mac mini.

According to reports from the intrepid blogger (which were spot on with prior events), the Core Duo-based Mac mini will have a 1.67 GHz processor, 80 Gb hard drive, plus the SuperDrive optical drive, and Bluetooth connectivity, and will sell for $799. The Core Solo-based model (details forthcoming) will sell for $599. Both will come standard with much the same suite of software that ships with the iMac, including iLife '06 and Front Row media center software.

As Apple's invitation to today's event promised "products" (plural), there may be more news forthcoming. We'll keep you updated as the day progresses.