Lenovo's Massive 6-inch Phone: Hands-on the S930

Lenovo today showed off its mid-range S650 smartphone, at which we took a look earlier. However, the company also had its larger S930 on show at CES Unveiled this evening, and when we say 'larger,' we mean this one is a big one.


While the Galaxy Note really started the trend for larger smartphones, we've moved well beyond 5-inch display territory. It packs a 6-inch display and has the same textured, laser-etched back as its little brother. It doesn't feel bad in your hand, but only if you're used to or looking for that larger form factor. Suffice to say, if you're going from an iPhone 5S or a Nexus 5 to a device of this size, there's going to be some growing pains. That goes double for those of us with smaller hands. This is not a device for people that favor one-handed texting.

Size aside, you're looking at a 1280 x 720 display powered by the same MediaTek 6582 CPU (clocked to 1.3 MHz) that's powering the S650. It also has the same amount of RAM (1 GB) and the same 8-megapixel lens, though the front-facing camera has been upgraded to 1.6-megapixels. There's also dual front-facing speakers. Aside from the display and the audio, the battery is one of the biggest differences, with the S930 carrying a 3000 mAh pack.

Again, Lenovo wasn't exactly forthcoming on information regarding a U.S. release date, preferring instead to talk about international availability, but we do know that pricing for this one starts at $320.

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  • patrick47018
    Hueg phones, I'd get one if my Optimus broke *slowly reaches for hammer*
  • soldier44
    I stopped reading at 1280 x 720.
  • Innocent_Bystander
    "I stopped reading at 1280 x 720. "

    Since when is that resolution not more than enough for a 6" screen?