Elliptic Labs' Mobile Motion Sensing Tech Uses Ultrasound

On Monday, Elliptic Labs introduced Multi Layer Interaction, a new tech for mobile devices that will display different content depending on the user's hand location and distance. According to the company, device makers can use this technology to create a faster, more unique navigation experience. The company is offering a software development kit now, but only via emailed request.

The tech uses ultrasound to track movements above and around the device. The active area is 180 degrees and up to 50 cm in distance from the device. This space can be tweaked by device makers and software developers to meet user requirements.

In a video provided by the company, Elliptic Labs shows that users can lock and unlock their phone by "double-tapping" in the air; the same can be accomplished by waving a hand back and forth. The video also shows the user playing a game by waving a hand in and out, which moved an octopus up and down to collect stars and avoid ghost-like opponents.

The video also shows that the user can access notifications on a locked phone simply by moving a hand towards the device. In one scenario, the hand moved closer so that the user can access another layer of information, like Gmail and Twitter feeds. In Google Maps, simply swipe a hand up and the navigation directions appear on the screen.

"It's all about improving the user experience and by presenting easier ways to interact with mobile devices," said Elliptic Labs CEO Laila Danielsen. "Our new Multi Layer Interaction makes it faster to work with applications you use repeatedly during the day, such as checking messages, playing games, navigating maps, interacting with social media, and watching videos."

The motion sensing tech will be on display from October 7 to October 11 at CEATEC, Japan, so expect to hear more about this motion sensing solution this week.

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