Mozilla Rechallenges Google in Browser Speed Race

Posted on Mozilla's AreWeFastYet page - which was originally established when Mozilla began working on JaegerMonkey (that arrived with Firefox 4 and is still in use today) - Firefox 17 with IonMonkey squeezes the win with a performance of 1991 ms versus Chrome's 2038 ms. Mandelin notes that this result is achieved on a Mac Pro with a 32-bit version of the browser.

Of course, JavaScript benchmarks were interesting two years ago and it seems we have largely lost interest in the millisecond race, but I was nevertheless interested in those claims. In the end, Mozilla promised in 2009 that it would try to catch up with Chrome and if it can do it now, even if it is a bit late, it's noteworthy since it kept its promise.

I was not able to replicate the claim on my venerable Phenom II X6 Windows 7 system. Chrome won with 3349 ms versus 3715 ms for Firefox. However, IonMonkey gained almost 20 percent of speed over the current JaegerMonkey in Firefox 15 beta, which came in at 4627 ms. Perhaps there is still some room left for faster JavaScript engines?

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  • A Bad Day
    I'm currently using Firefox Aurora, and it has a crashing/lock-up problem with Flash 11.3 since the two or three previous versions ago. Did they iron it out in Beta?

    Nevertheless, it would be nice of Mozilla to iron out any bugs. That includes you, Adobe.
  • carnage9270
    About as useful as a poopie-flavored lollipop. The browser wars were over long ago. I guess it's all about the nostalgia?
  • Anonymous
    If only Mozilla would move into the 21st century with a 64 bit Windows version...