Mozilla releases Firefox 2 RC3

Chicago (IL) - As the introduction of the next generation version of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser continues to draw closer, the organization today announced a new release candidate of Firefox 2. Most of the adjustments address bugs that were reported in the preceding RC2. RC3 is expected to be the last preview before the final version of Firefox 2 is released.

The new browser will bring several updates over the first generation browser, which was officially released almost two years ago. Standard with 2.0 will be such features as in-line spell checking, which so far was only available with a Firefox extension, as well as a revised interface and more focus on tabbed browsing over multiple browser windows.

Additionally, Firefox 2.0 includes phishing protection by warning users when they are redirected to a known scamming site. Also new to Firefox are enhanced search engine features supported by Google, Yahoo, and, as well as "session restore", which gives users the ability to close a Web browser and have Firefox remember all the opened tabs, in-progress downloads, and typed text which can be brought back up when the user comes opens Firefox again later.

The release candidate 3 for Firefox 2.0 is now available for download at Mozilla's Firefox 2 site.